Plaintiff was hired by Intelex but also worked simultaneously for five other firms that were jointly owned and operated with Intelex.  Intelelex’s employment agreement contained an arbitration clause, but didn’t mention the other employing companies or make them third party beneficiaries of the arbitration clause.  The other employers’ motion to compel arbitration of plaintiff’s wrongful termination claims was properly denied.  Plaintiff is not equitably estopped from denying an agreement to arbitrate with the other employers   It is not unfair for plaintiff to pursue his claims against the other employers since plaintiff has chosen not to sue Intelex at all.  It’s just plaintiff vs. other employers, and there’s nothing unfair about litigating that dispute in court.  The other employers also failed to show that they acted as Intelex’s agents or that they were third party beneficiaries of Intelex’s arbitration clause.