Following California Dental Assn. v. American Dental Assn. (1979) 23 Cal.3d 346, this decision holds that courts should intervene only sparingly in disputes about how private associations govern themselves.  Judicial intervention is appropriate only if an association has unreasonably construed a plain and unambiguous provision of its constitution or bylaws and the balance of the interests of the aggrieved party against the burden on the courts and infringement on the association’s autonomy weighs in favor of a judicial remedy.  In this case, the trial court erred on both steps of the Cal. Dental analysis. Yeong Wo’s by-laws did not clearly require the association to choose as its president only one of the candidates nominated by one of its 12 constituent organizations.  The trial court also did not properly weigh the effect of disqualifying the president on the defendant association’s conduct of its business.