Gov. Code 855.4 grants public entities and employees immunity from liability for injuries caused by discretionary decisions about protecting public health.  This decision follows s Wright v. City of Los Angeles (2001) 93 Cal.App.4th 683 and City of Los Angeles v. Superior Court (2021) 62 Cal.App.5th 129 in holding that this provision is not governed by the same requirements as Gov. Code 820.2, which generally immunizes government employees from liability for their discretionary decisions.  Under section 855.4, the defendant need not show that a policy decision, consciously balancing risks and advantages, took place, as is required under section 820.2.  Accordingly, the trial court correctly held that Los Angeles is immune from suit for plaintiff’s contracting typhus as a result of the city’s failure to fumigate City Hall West after an outbreak of typhus occasioned by trash in the neighborhood.