Plaintiff’s record request under the California Public Records Act (Gov. Code 6250 et seq.) should have been granted.  It sought all emails between county employees and four specified internet domains over a six year period regardless of subject matter.  The County was able to sort its email records and list 42,000 responsive emails.  The County claimed, however, it would be unduly burdensome of it to review each of those emails to determine whether it concerned public business (and thus had to be produced) or was subject to attorney-client privilege.  This split decision rejects the County’s argument, finding that it was unlikely that correspondence with a developer and his legal counsel would not concern public business or that the County Counsel had exchanged emails with the developer or its counsel in the course of a common interest privileged context, particularly as the County had not provided a single example of a private or privileged email among the 42,000 it said were responsive.  To allow a claim of burden on such a meager showing would be to give a governmental agency an easy excuse to avoid production of public records in almost any situation.