Plaintiff had no arbitration agreement with Essential Seasons, by which she was employed in 2017.  During that year Expert Staffing provided payroll services to Essential Seasons. In 2019, Expert Staffing hired plaintiff, and she signed its arbitration agreement which provided for arbitration of all claims against Expert Staffing and all related entities including entities where employees are sent to work.  Plaintiff then joined a wage and hour class action against Essential Seasons.  This decision affirms denial of a motion to compel arbitration of plaintiff’s wage and hour claims.  The arbitration clause between a job applicant and her prospective employer does not apply to disputes between the applicant and her former employers merely because her former employers had a business relationship with her prospective employer.  The former employers were not third party beneficiaries of the new employer’s arbitration agreement, nor did the complaint’s general allegation that all defendants were each others’ agents grant each the right to enforce each others’ arbitration agreements.