CCP 1161.3 provides that a landlord may not terminate a tenancy for (among other things) domestic violence committed against the tenant or a member of the tenant’s household so long as the domestic violence is documented by, among other alternatives, a police report.  Over a dissent, this opinion holds that the statute provides a defense to an unlawful detainer action if the acts of domestic violence form any part of any reason stated in the three-day notice to quit.  Here, the three-day notice mentioned defendant’s maintaining a nuisance, and some evidence at trial (mostly elicited by the defendant on cross-examination) concerned incidents of domestic violence against defendant by her ex-boyfriend that frightened her neighbor who was a witness at the trial.  Also, there was a police-written one-line report of defendant’s complaining about one incident of her ex-boyfriend’s violence.  This, the majority holds, was enough for defendant to get to the jury with her defense based on CCP 1161.3.