Defendant violated the Unruh Act (Civ. Code 51 and 51.5 by charging female car buyers 1% higher APR than it charged men when it bought their contracts from car dealers.  The Department has standing to sue for violations of the Unruh Act even if no one files a complaint with the Department.  The Department was not required to show “actual” injury to any female car buyer.  It could collect statutory damages for the discriminatory conduct instead.  Defendant’s owner was properly held personally liable for the statutory damages since he created the spreadsheet that penalized female buyers 1%.  The Department was not required to show he had actual knowledge that doing so violated the law.  The $6.2 million judgment against defendant and its owner was not unconstitutionally excessive.  The trial court erred, however, in dismissing a claim that the Department made under Gov. Code  12940(i) against defendant for coercing its employees to discriminate against female car buyers by using the owner’s spreadsheet even after they protested that doing so violated the law.  The employees were aggrieved as they could have been held liable for violating Civ. Code 51 themselves.