Under the CLRA (Civ. Code 1792(b), no “action for damages” may be brought against a defendant that offers appropriate correction within 30 days of receiving the plaintiff’s notice of violation of the statute.  This decision holds that “action for damages” includes–and the subsection therefore bars–any claim for compensatory damages or for restitution under the CLRA.  The decision also holds that the defendant violated Civ. Code 1791.1(a)(3) or (4), part of the Song-Beverly Act because the car it sold plaintiff was mislabeled as having a factory-built hardtop, whereas, in fact the hardtop was later added to the vehicle by a prior owner.  Those subsections treat as breaches of implied warranty any goods that are not adequately packaged or labeled or do not conform to promises or affirmations of fact on a product label.