The district court erred in remanded this suit to state court after defendant removed it under 28 USC 1442, the federal officer removal statute.  To invoke federal jurisdiction under that section, the defendant must show (a) it is a “person” within the meaning of the statute; (b) there is a causal nexus between its actions, taken pursuant to a federal officer’s directions, and the plaintiff’s claims; and (c) it can assert a colorable federal defense. The first requirement was uncontested.  Defendant satisfied the second by showing it was an independent agent, hired by and acting under direction of the US military, in providing security services in Iraq.  There was a causal connection between actions the defendant took under the military’s command and plaintiff’s wage and hour claims for providing the security services.  A colorable federal defense existed as the defendant claimed its challenged actions were in compliance with federal regulations incorporated into its contract with the military.