Dameron required emergency room patients to sign a “conditions of admission” agreement, which assigned to the hospital the patients’ rights under their auto insurance policies’ uninsured or underinsurance motorist coverages and under the medical payments coverage.  This decision holds that assignment of un-or underinsured motorist coverage is contrary to public policy and unenforceable because it is merely a way to circumvent the rule barring medical care providers from “balance billing” patients for amounts in excess of what the providers have agreed to charge the patients’ health insurers for medical services.  (See Prospect Medical Group, Inc. v. Northridge Emergency Group (2009) 45 Cal.4th 497, 502.)  An attempted assignment of un- or underinsured motorist benefits is also unconscionable, as the patient would not reasonably anticipate such a provision in a hospital admission agreement.  But an assignment of medical payment benefits might pass muster.