Under CCP 1174.3, an occupant of a premises that is not an invitee, licensee, guest, or trespasser may file a claim of right to possession of the premises to forestall eviction from the premises under an unlawful detainer judgment rendered in a case to which the occupant was not made a party.  To be valid the claim must show that the claimant occupied the property on the date the unlawful detainer action was filed.  And, the claimant must establish a colorable claim to a right of possession, and was not an invitee, licensee, guest or trespassser.  The claimant need not prove that he held a lease meeting the requirements of CCP 1161b, allowing tenants to remain for the remainder of the lease term following foreclosure.  Here, the claimant satisfied the requirements of section 1174.3 by showing that she had signed a 2-year lease with the foreclosed landlord before the unlawful detainer action was filed and she was not named or served in the unlawful detainer action.