Deputy sheriffs arrested Collins, thinking he was drunk and interrupted the paramedics’ review of his medical condition.  When Collins was finally seen by a doctor, he was misdiagnosed.  As a result of the poor medical treatment, Collins suffered extensive injuries.  This decision holds that (1) despite having probable cause to arrest Collins, the deputies can be liable in negligence for interrupting his medical exam by the paramedics, (2) the deputies’ negligent conduct occurred before Collins was arrested and sent to jail, so that Gov. Code 845.6 (lack of medical treatment of prisoner) provided no immunity, (3) Gov. Code 844.6 (injury by or to a prisoner) provided no immunity to the individual deputies sued as defendants, just to their government entity employer, (4) Gov. Code 855.6 (injury from failure to perform adequate medical exam) provided no immunity because the negligent exam had been carried out partly for the purpose of treatment of Collins on his admission to jail, (5) in calculating the setoff for settlements by co-defendant doctors, the trial court did not err in refusing to apply the MICRA limit on noneconomic damages before apportioning the doctors’ settlement amount between economic and noneconomic damages.