Mountain Lakes church affiliated itself with the Church of God, a hierarchical church.  Mountain Lakes was a separately incorporated religious corporation and a separate entity from the national Church of God corporation.  However, the Mountain Lakes church held its church property as the national body’s agent.  Mountain Lakes obtained a fire insurance policy from GuideOne on the church property, but disaffiliated itself from the Church of God before the policy expired.  On disaffiliation, ownership of the church property transferred to a regional religious corporation, Cal-Nev, as agent for the national Church of God, and Cal-Nev obtained another insurance policy from Church Mutual.  A fire destroyed the church while both policies were in effect.  This decision holds that only Church Mutual’s policy covered the loss because before the fire occurred, Mountain Lakes, the insured under GuideOne’s policy had disaffiliated itself and no longer held any ownership or insurable interest in the church.  Accordingly, Church Mutual was not entitled to equitable contribution from GuideOne as its policy no longer covered the loss.  Church Mutual also could not state a subrogation claim because in such a claim Church Mutual could only assert its insured’s rights, and Cal-Nev had no rights under the GuideOne insurance policy.