In 2018, the California electorate adopted Prop. 11 which enact Lab. Code 880 et seq., providing that ambulance employees must remain reachable by a communications device during their work shifts, including rest breaks. Lab. Code 889 expressly made the new law applicable to any and all actions pending on, or commenced after October 25, 2017. This decision holds that the new law moots an appeal from denial of class certification in a case brought by an ambulance employee seeking penalty wages for rest breaks during which the employees were required to remain reachable by cellphone. The express retroactivity provision is effective and did not violate the employee’s substantive due process rights. They had, at best, an expectation based on the Supreme Court’s holding as to security guards in Augustus v. ABM Security Services, Inc. (2016) 2 Cal.5th 257. That decision had not yet been applied to ambulance workers who are governed by a different (though identically worded) IWC work order. Also, defendant like most ambulance companies had always required workers to remain in contact during rest breaks. The state’s strong interest in promoting public health and safety outweighed plaintiff’s attenuated expectancy.