Under Evid. Code 1158, a medical care provider must make patients’ medical records available for their attorneys’ inspection.  The section also limits how much the medical care provider may charge for making copies of the records for the patient or his attorney.  In Thornburg v. Superior Court (2006) 138 Cal.App.4th 43, the court held that the fee limits also apply to an agent of the medical service provider.  However, this case concludes that the statute does not require the provider or agent to make copies for the patient or attorney, but rather requires only that the records be made available for inspection and copying.  Here, the provider’s agent offered to make the records available for inspection and copying but also offered to provide copies–but at a fee higher than the statutory limit.  This decision holds that if the patient or attorney asks the provider’s agent to make copies, the agent becomes the patient’s or attorney’s agent and is no longer subject to the statutory fee limits.