Under the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (Civ. Code 1946.2), a landlord cannot terminate a lawful tenancy after a year of its duration except for just cause–either a tenant default or a landlord move-in or removal of the unit from the rental market.  This decision holds that there is a triable issue of fact as to whether that section applies.  Stiles was given free occupancy of the unit in return for her otherwise uncompensated work for Blechman.  If that arrangement created a hiring of the unit under Civ. Code 1925, the hiring terminated automatically when Stiles received notice of Blechman’s death.  (Civ. Code 1934.)  If Stiles continued to occupy the unit after receiving notice of death–and without entering into a new hiring with Blechman’s successor–her tenancy was no longer lawful and so she would not be entitled to the protection of section 1946.2.  However, questions of fact remained as to the nature of Stiles’ tenancy, notice of Blechman’s death, and what arrangements, if any, were made thereafter.