World Services holds intellectual property rights in Narcotics Anonymous’ publications as trustee under a trust created by a loose association of Narcotics Anonymous adherents, known as the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous.  The Autonomous Region sued World Services claiming it breached its fiduciary duties under the trust.  This opinion affirms dismissal of the action on the ground that Autonomous Region lacks standing to complain regarding a trust to which it is not a party.  It has no standing under Probate Code 15800, because it was not the settlor of the trust, the Fellowship was, as the trust instrument clearly states.  A person with a special interest in a charitable trust may have standing to enforce the trust–but that rule applies only to irrevocable charitable trusts.  Here, the charitable trust was revocable, so the doctrine could not apply to allow Autonomous Region standing to sue.  With a revocable trust, the settlor can provide the supervision that the special standing rule allows for regarding an irrevocable charitable trust.