A jury found Ford liable to a purchaser for fraud and a CLRA violation as well as a violation of the Song-Beverly Act for selling plaintiff a Ford pickup with a Navistar engine when Ford knew the Navistar engine created unsolvable problems when put in a Ford truck.  This decision holds that substantial evidence supported the jury’s compensatory damage award which equaled the purchase price of the truck.  An expert testified that a lemon like this truck had no market value, because no one would knowingly buy a truck that had so many dangerous defects.  Thus, even though plaintiff drove the truck 120,000 miles, there was substantial evidence to support the jury’s implied finding that the truck had no market value when sold, so purchase price, less market value with defects revealed, equaled purchase price.  Also, the trial court did not err in allowing the plaintiff to recover punitive damages on his fraud and CLRA claims and statutory penalties on his Song-Beverly Act claims.  The two awards were for different wrongful conduct committed at different times.  The punitive damages were for concealing the truck’s defects in connection with its sale; the statutory penalties were for later failing to repair those defects.