Under Civ. Code 1943, an agreement to rent or lease real property is presumed to be month-to-month unless stated otherwise in writing, except that for real property used for agricultural or grazing purposes, the presumed term is year-to-year unless otherwise expressed in the rental agreement or lease.  Here, assuming arguendo that a cannabis grower (of plants in pots set on the hard floor of a warehouse) was engaged in an agricultural use of the property, the court holds that there was substantial evidence to support the trial court’s finding that the parties orally agreed on a month-to-month term, rebutting section 1943’s presumption.  The opinion also holds that CCP 1161(2)’s special provision for holdover of agricultural property after a default in payment of rent did not apply because the defendant’s tenancy was not terminated for non-payment of rent but instead by giving 30 days’ notice of termination of a month-to-month rental agreement.