Severson’s On-call Trial Counsel

If an attorney or law firm never goes to trial, opposing counsel knows it. Hiring experienced trial counsel can give a substantial edge when it comes to settlement negotiations. And if trial is the most reasonable way to resolve a case, the need for an attorney with a proven record of success is even more pressing. We are frequently asked to take over cases when trial appears imminent, when cases are being retried, or when the possibility of trial has become a reality.

Severson’s On-call Trial Team, led by KC Ward, addresses clients’ critical need for a litigation team that can turn a case around. We have the acumen and depth of resources to present cases in every area of law tried before a finder of fact.

We define trial practice as:

  • “On your feet” knowledge of the law of evidence
  • Thorough understanding of the law of damages
  • Getting information from witnesses in a concise manner
  • Persuasively conveying the big picture to the jury so they understand the strength of the case

It’s Never Too Late to Hire Us!

Severson’s On-call Trial Counsel has the resources and wherewithal to take on a case anytime, anywhere.

KC and the other talented trial lawyers who comprise our On-call Trial Counsel have been hired at all stages days before trial and even after jury selection. True trial lawyers, our team knows it’s never too late for clients to take charge of the outcome of their case.

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