Joel Halverson and Johanna Berta won a defense verdict on behalf of a registered nurse and her employer in a case alleging medical malpractice and medical battery in the Alameda County Superior Court.  The plaintiff, who was wheelchair-bound since birth with cerebral palsy and admitted to the hospital in the time in question for assessment and management of pain in connection with an acute back injury, claimed he was overdosed by the nurse with multiple rounds of pain and anxiety medications (opiates and benzodiazepines) in advance of a diagnostic procedure, leading to a respiratory arrest.  Ultimately, plaintiff required intubation by the Code Blue team and was transferred to the ICU.  He alleged that he died and was brought back to life via resuscitation efforts by the Code Blue team and that the event required 25 days of hospitalization and left him with profound permanent personal injuries, including memory loss and other impaired cognitive abilities.  The trial lasted three weeks and the jury’s verdict was unanimous, 12-0, in favor of the defense on both of plaintiff’s claims, and was returned after only 12 minutes of deliberations.