The Federal Trade Commission today released the list of top consumer complaints received by the agency in 2008, identity theft topping the list.  See the FTC Press Release:


FTC also issued its Annual Report to Congress, and urged modernization of Federal Debt Collection Law   See the FTC Press Release:  The FTC suggested many changes, including


(1)         Requiring that the “validation notices” that collectors are required to send to consumers also disclose the name of the original creditor; break down the debt by principal, total interest, and total fees; and inform consumers of certain rights they already have under the FDCPA.

(2)          Requiring collectors to conduct “reasonable” investigations responsive to the specific dispute the consumer raised.

(3)         Prohibiting collectors from contacting consumers via their mobile phones, including by text messaging, without prior express consent;

(4)         Requiring collectors who use new payment technologies to obtain express verifiable authorization from consumers before accessing their accounts.  

2009 FTC Annual Report: FDCPA

2008 FTC Workshop Report