In Williams v. Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, 2016 WL 6905382, at *3 (D.Or. 2016), Judge Coffin stayed a TCPA case until the ACA Int’l proceedings are completed.

Moreover, this court finds that staying these proceedings until a decision is rendered in ACA International could lead to reduced discovery on the issue of whether defendant used an ATDS to contact plaintiffs. Such a reduction in discovery would reduce the financial hardship defendant would sustain defending issues that could be rendered moot by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision.  As such, this court finds that because the stay defendant seeks will likely be short, will not prejudice plaintiffs, could reduce the financial hardship on defendant, and could streamline the litigation, thereby preserving the orderly course of justice by improving efficiency of the court’s docket, Leyva, 593 F.2d at 863, defendant’s Motion to Stay the Proceedings (#8) pending the resolution of the independent proceedings in ACA International, is GRANTED.