In Evans v. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, No. 15 C 4498, 2017 WL 2973441 (N.D. Ill, July 12, 2017), Judge Kennelly awarded $43k in attorneys’ fees following settlement of an FDCPA case.

Katherine Evans sued Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), 15 USC 1692e, by sharing Evans’s credit information with a credit reporting agency without indicating that she disputed the debt allegedly owed to Portfolio. The Court granted Evans’s motion for summary judgment. The parties then stipulated that Evans suffered $1,000 in damages. The Court entered judgment for $1,000 and directed Evans to file a fee petition. Evans has moved for attorney’s fees and costs totaling $62,439.95. For the reasons set out below, the Court awards Evans fees and costs in the amount of $43,315.75.