In Trompeter v. Ally Financial, Inc., 2012 WL 1980894 (N.D.Cal. 2012), Judge Wilken found the LawPrinting RISC Arbitration procedurally substantively unconscionable, denied the petition to arbitrate, and refused the stay the case pending the outcome of the California Supreme Court’s decision in Sanchez.   The Plaintiff,  John Trompeter, had filed a putative class action against Defendant Ally Financial, Inc., alleging that Ally had a policy and practice of secretly recording telephone calls with persons located in California without their consent. Trompeter alleged in his First Amended Complaint two causes of action under this state’s Invasion of Privacy Act, California Penal Code § 632, and the state Unfair Competition Law ( UCL), California Business and Professions Code section 17200 et seq. Trompeter sought to represent all consumers who received a telephone call in which at least one party was in California and that telephone call was recorded or monitored without prior warning or consent.