In Garcia v. CreditorS Specialty Service, Inc., 2016 WL 3345459, at *1 (N.D.Cal., 2016), Judge Freeman allowed a glassine window case to proceed past the pleadings stage.

Visible on the face of the envelope was Defendant CSS’s name, its return address, and a “large red dollar sign logo,” id. at ¶ 21; Exh. 1 to SAC at 2, ECF 74-1, and Plaintiff’s name and address, and the words “SPECIAL SETTLEMENT OFFER” in bold 14 point type could be seen through the glassine window. . . .The Court agrees with Plaintiff and finds that she has sufficiently stated a claim under 15 U.S.C. § 1692(c)(b). Plaintiff alleges that Defendants sent a letter bearing its company’s name (“Creditors Specialty Service Inc.”), along with the symbol of a dollar sign and the words “SPECIAL SETTLEMENT OFFER” on the envelope. These markings convey information about a debt as they plausibly give rise to the inference that Plaintiff has a debt and the envelope contained debt collection information. Plaintiff also alleges that several people had access to her mailbox, including her child and roommate. SAC ¶ 20, ECF 74. As a result, Plaintiff has alleged sufficient facts to show that Defendants may have conveyed information about her alleged debt to third parties. Defendants’ arguments fail to address Plaintiff’s amended allegations that several individuals had access her to mailbox. Accordingly, the Court DENIES Defendants’ motion to dismiss Plaintiff’s claim for a violation of 15 U.S.C. § 1692c(b).