On May 1, 2023, the DFPI held its Inaugural Meeting for the new DFPI Advisory Committee for the 2023-2025 Term.  There were largely three highlights.  First, the DFPI introduced the DFPI’s new Committee (https://dfpi.ca.gov/dfpi-debt-collection-advisory-committee/) :

  • Angela Reed-Becker – Equabli Inc.
  • Cindy Yaklin – States Recovery Systems Inc.
  • Desiree Nguyen Orth – East Bay Community Law Center
  • Kali Miller – PTNSVC Mexico (Oportun, Inc.)
  • Robert Tavelli – Tavelli Co., Inc.
  • Scott Hyman – Severson & Werson
  • Sean Welch – P & B Capital Group, LLC

Second, the DFPI advised that revised “scope” regulations would be issued for public comment in the very near future.

Finally, the DFPI has set up a new telephone service in addition to the e-mail inquiry portal for applicants and licenses to make inquiries to the DFPI.  (https://dfpi.ca.gov/debt-collection-licensee/)

The video of the inaugural DFPI Advisory Committee Meeting for the 2023-2025 term can be found the recorded video will be published on the DFPI’s YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/cadfpi) as well as the DFPI Debt Collection Advisory Committee’s public page (https://dfpi.ca.gov/debt-collection-advisory-committee/).