Governor Newsom signed AB 3254, which, in addition to the requirements of Civil Code 1632, would require delivery of a translation to any other person who will be signing the contract or agreement and would make conforming and correctional changes with regard to the definition of “the party’s own interpreter” in reference to the exemptions described above.  According to the AB 3254 Senate Floor Analyses,

This bill straightforwardly extends the existing statute to require that, where a consumer contract is negotiated in one of the five languages mentioned above, the business or tradesperson negotiating the contract must also provide a translated copy of the contract to all nonparty signors. This bill does not impose any additional translation costs to the businesses or tradespeople required to provide the translated contracts, because they are already required to provide such translated contracts to the party to the contract—this bill simply requires providing additional copies of the already-translated contracts.

Not sure what a “nonparty signor” is, but the Bill is reasonably clear in its text:  “shall deliver to the other party to the contract or agreement, and any other person who will be signing the contract or agreement”.