ACA’s petition was filed on January 31, but was accepted for filing by the FCC on February 11.  ACA’s petition is broad-based, asks the FCC to accomplish the following objectives: • Confirm that not all predictive dialers are categorically automatic telephone dialing systems. •Confirm that “capacity” under the TCPA means present ability. •Clarify that prior express consent attaches to the person incurring a debt, and not the specific phone number provided by the debtor at the time a debt was incurred. •Establish a safe harbor for autodialed “wrong number” non-telemarketing calls to wireless numbers. Shortly after receipt of ACA’s petition, it is anticipated that FCC staff will make the petition public and a 30-day comment period will commence.  It will be followed by a 15-day reply period for comments submitted.  The FCC will then determine whether, and if so, when, a clarifying rule would be appropriate.   A copy of the Petition can found at .