Following Zehia v. Superior Court (2020) 45 Cal..App.5th 543 and distinguishing Burdick v. Superior Court (2015) 233 Cal.App.4th 8, this decision holds that California may exercise specific jurisdiction over the Canadian resident defendant.  He published defamatory internet postings about plaintiff, a California resident, on an internet site run by another California resident as well as on plaintiff’s internet site.  The internet sites had a largely California audience.  Also, the defendant wrote directly to plaintiff in California and threatened to physically harm him in California.  Since plaintiff sued for defamation based on the internet postings, there was a close connection between the defendant’s contacts with California and the claims asserted in the lawsuit.  Fair play and substantial justice did not require litigation in Canada.  Most of the witnesses would be California residents and California has a strong interest in protecting its citizens from tortious injury.