The tenant served his summary judgment motion one day late in this UD action, six days before the hearing rather than the required seven for service by express mail.  Nevertheless, the the judgment is affirmed.  Plaintiff filed an opposition.  Though complaining about the short service, it did not claim any prejudice.  Also, there was no record of oral proceedings at the hearing, so plaintiff could not show that he orally sought a ruling on his objection.  Failure to seek a ruling waives the error.  Tenant was entitled to summary judgment as the unit rented to him was an illegally converted garage which the plaintiff had not registered as required by LARSO.  The failure to comply with LARSO rendered the rental agreement illegal and unenforceable, thus precluding a UD action under CCP 1161(3) for violation of a condition of an enforceable lease.  LARSO allows a landlord in this situation to eventually evict the tenant to bring the nonconforming unit into compliance upon service of required notices and payment of a relocation fee.