The general rule under CCP 395 is that the county of the defendant’s residence is the only proper venue in which to bring a suit against him or her.  However, CCP 395(a)’s second sentence also allows suit to be brought in the county in which injury to person or personal injury occurs.  This decision explains that to qualify as an action for injury to person within the meaning of this statute, a physical injury to the person is required, and emotional distress, absent a physical injury, does not qualify.  Hence, though plaintiff in this civil harassment action claimed he suffered emotional distress as a result of defendant’s harassment, venue was not proper in the county of plaintiff’s residence, but only in the county of defendant’s residence.  That the civil harassment form pleadings allow for a second option is irrelevant, as the Judicial Council has no power to amend the statute.  However, a temporary restraining order issued by the court in the wrong county was not void as venue does not affect subject matter jurisdiction.