As in Turrietta v. Lyft, Inc. (2021) 2021 Cal. App. LEXIS 815, the plaintiff in a parallel wage and hour case appealed from an order approving a class action and PAGA claim settlement.  Contrary Turrietta, but without citing it, this decision holds that even though he opted out of the class, the objector had standing to appeal from the final approval order because it resolved the PAGA claim which the objector had brought in his own action. It also holds that Uribe couldn’t amend his complaint to include the PAGA claim that the objector had brought in the parallel suit because Uribe’s notice to the LWDA didn’t allege facts supporting a claim for failure to reimburse for cellphone calls which was the subject of the objector’s PAGA action.  And because the settlement agreement had a non-severance clause, reversal as to that PAGA claim required reversal of the final approval order as a whole.)