The res judicata/collateral estoppel effect of a post-foreclosure unlawful detainer judgment extends only to proper conduct of the trustee’s sale, not to claims of earlier wrongs committed by the lender that purportedly led eventually to the foreclosure.  Thus, here, the unlawful detainer judgment against the borrowers did not preclude them from later suing on a claim that the lender had misapplied or failed to apply the borrowers’ payments thus causing them to appear in default when they really were not.  The trial court did properly dismiss the borrowers’ TILA claim.  Neither of the defendants was the original creditor and so was not liable for any violation in the initial TILA disclosures.  Also, the claim was time barred, as it alleged a single wrongful event in the past, not a series of nonactionable harms to which the continuing wrong doctrine might apply.