Plaintiff, a Coptic church, bought a residence to serve as the Coptic pope’s western US residence and a residence for visiting bishops.  Its insurance broker arranged for it to obtain a commercial property insurance policy which had an exclusion for loss due to water damage if the property had been vacant for 60 days or more before the loss.  This decision holds that the exclusion was unambiguous and precluded coverage for the water damage that the property sustained.  Even though 3 of the 60 days before the loss occurred before plaintiff acquired title to the property, nothing in the exclusion required the insured to hold title during the 60 day before loss period.  Also, though vacant was not defined, it had a clear meaning in context.  For a house intended as a residence, it means not furnished appropriately for occupancy as a residence.  Here, the evidence showed that the house was not so furnished during the 60 days before the loss.