Plaintiff, a Russian citizen residing in Russia, obtained an arbitration award against defendant, a Russian citizen residing in California.  Plaintiff domesticated the arbitration award, securing a judgment against defendant in a federal district court in California so that plaintiff could execute on defendant’s California assets.  Thereafter, defendant engaged in a series of complex domestic and foreign efforts to shelter his assets, including proceeds of another large arbitration award defendant secured against a third party, from plaintiff’s efforts to execute on his judgment.  Under RJR Nabisco, Inc. v. Eur. Cmty. (2016) 579 U.S. 325, 346, a plaintiff must prove a domestic injury to his business or property to state a viable RICO claim.  A judgment is property.  If issued by a US court, the judgment is domestic property even if it confirms a foreign arbitration award.  Since the judgment here granted rights only in the US, it was domestic property.  By alleging that defendants interfered with the judgment and the rights it conferred, plaintiff alleged the required domestic injury and stated a viable RICO claim.