California’s automatic renewal law, B&P Code 17600 et seq. requires a consumer’s affirmative consent to any subscription agreement automatically renewed for a new term when the initial term ends as well as “clear and conspicuous” disclosure of the offer terms, and an “easy-to-use mechanism for cancellation.  However, this decision holds that the law’s provision that “all available civil remedies that apply to a violation of this article may be employed” (B&P Code 17604) does not authorize an independent private action for violation of the law.  Instead, the only private remedy for violation of the law is a claim under B&P Code 17200, and to state such a claim, the plaintiff must allege economic loss caused by the violation of the automatic renewal law.  Here, plaintiff did not allege such facts, presumably because he would have subscribed to Google’s $1.99/month charge for “Google Drive” storage of up to 100 gigabytes of storage even if Google had complied with the automatic renewal law’s requirements.  So his suit was properly dismissed.