In this wrongful death action, the trial court properly granted Kaiser summary judgment based on the going and coming rule.  Kaiser’s volunteer had finished providing dog therapy to one of Kaiser’s patients and was returning home when the volunteer struch and killed plaintiffs’ decedant.  The required-vehicle exception to the going and coming rule did not apply because there was no evidence that Kaiser required the volunteer to drive as opposed to using other forms of transportation.  Kaiser’s offering to pay mileage and checking to make sure the car was insured is insufficient to show it required use of the car, as is the fact that the volunteer had to transport his dog to various locations to provide therapy.  He still could have used other forms of transportation.  If there is a separate exception for special benefit to the employer, it didn’t apply here because the only benefit Kaiser received was the volunteer’s arriving at the worksite.  There was also no evidence that the volunteer’s van was a special mode of transportation specially equipped for carrying the therapy dog.