Following Delaney v. Baker (1999) 20 Cal.4th 23, this decision holds that MICRA’s one-year limitations on medical malpractice claims and $250,000 limit on non-economic damages did not apply to this elderly woman who was sexually assaulted by the defendant elder care facility’s male attendant, based on a jury’s finding that the defendant was not only guilty not only of general negligence but also reckless neglect of the plaintiff.  The opinion finds there was substantial evidence to support the finding of reckless neglect as well as the jury’s allocation of fault and assessment of punitive damages.  The opinion reverses nonsuits for the defendant on respondeat superior and ratification theories for holding the defendant liable for its employee’s sexual assault.  There was evidence from which a jury could reasonably infer that it was the long-term relationship between the employee and the resident of the care facility that led to the sexual assault and that the defendant let the employee continue unsupervised 20 minute visits to residents’ rooms even after notified that staff referred to him as “Rapey Juan.”