This decision dismisses an appeal as untimely.  The appealed orders were issued before the COVID-19 court closures.  The trial court’s emergency rules treated dates during the closure as holidays, so under CCP 12a, the notice of appeal was due the next day which was not a holiday, namely, June 1, when the trial court reopened.  The Court of Appeal’s emergency orders continued for 30 days deadlines that otherwise would have fallen due between March 18 and April 17.  Those orders would not have continued the appeal filing deadline in this case even to June 1.  Appellant’s reconsideration motion did not continue the appeal-filing deadline because it was procedurally improper.  It was filed on June 2, well outside the 10-day filing deadline under CCP 1008(a).  It appears that a renewed motion under CCP 1008(b) does not extend the appeal-filing deadline, but even if it did, the motion in this case was procedurally improper because it was not accompanied by a declaration showing new facts, law or other circumstances.