Straumann, a Swiss company, and its Swiss-resident officer, Hemm, established purposeful contacts with California by entering into an agreement to be the exclusive distributor outside the United States for Rodo, a California company making dental products.  Hemm was a member of Rodo’s board at the time, but negotiated the exclusive distributorship as Straumann’s agent.  Rodo’s shareholders sued claiming that Rodo’s board, including Hemm, had lied to them about the exclusive distributorship agreement.  This decision holds that while Straumann and Hemm purposefully availed themselves of California’s benefits, those contacts were related to the distributorship agreement, not to the representations that Rodo’s board (including Hemm) made to Rodo’s shareholders and also not to the breach of fiduciary duty claim because Hemm revealed that he was acting for Straumann in connection with negotiating the exclusive distributorship and didn’t vote on the proposal as a member of Rodo’s board.