Wife executed will that purported to sever joint tenancy ownership of real property held in the name of wife and husband.  The will directed that wife’s estate be distributed equally to her five children.  Husband never probated wife’s will after her death, and his will and trust distributed his estate to three of wife’s five children who were his biological children.  Held, wife’s unprobated will was ineffective to sever the joint tenancy in which the couple held the real property, so at wife’s death, husband became the sole owner of the property and it passed under his will and trust to his three children.  While one joint tenant may unilaterally sever a joint tenancy, to do so the instrument severing the joint tenancy must be recorded.  (Civ. Code 683.2(c).)  Moreover, the will’s language was equivocal, not a clear indication of an intent to sever the joint tenancy, but an apparent attempt to leave it in place if husband predeceased wife, but sever it only if wife predeceased husband.