Following Dennison v. Rosland Capital LLC (2020) 47 Cal.App.5th 204 and other decisions, this opinion holds that a clear delegation clause, letting the arbitrator decide arbitrability questions was rendered ambiguous and ineffective by a severance clause that referred to an arbitrator or court finding any portion of the arbitration unenforceable.  The arbitration clause in an employment setting was unconscionable as it required workers to waive the right to bring representative suits under PAGA and was one-sided in that the employer didn’t sign the clause.  Also, the arbitration clause was unenforceable due to fraud in execution as to Latino employees who were unable to read the English-only arbitration clause and were told to sign it as a requirement of employment without the employer answering questions about the clause’s meaning.  Fraud in execution is an issue for the court to decide even if the arbitration clause contains a clear delegation provision.