Part of California’s Prevailing Wage Law, Labor Code 1772 provides:  “Workers employed by contractors or subcontractors in the execution of any contract for public work are deemed to be employed upon public work.”  Delving into the section’s history and rejecting Court of Appeal decisions giving it a different interpretation, this decision holds that the section merely makes it clear that so long as they perform “public work” as defined in Labor Code 1720(a), employees of private contractors or subcontractors are entitled to the protections of the prevailing wage law.  However, the section does not expand the definition of public work or extend the prevailing wage law’s protection to workers who are employed by contractors or subcontractors otherwise engaged in public work, but whose own job does fit within 1720’s definition.  Thus, the plaintiff was not entitled to prevailing wage law protection for work in bringing construction equipment to the job site.