Disagreeing with Curry v. Equilon Enterprises, LLC (2018) 23 Cal.App.5th 289 and Henderson v. Equilon Enterprises, LLC (2019) 40 Cal.App.5th 1111, this decision holds that Equilon is a joint employer, at least for wage and hour regulation purposes, of the employees of the franchisees that run its gas stations.  For wage and hour purposes, joint employment is governed by the IWC test that includes suffering or permitting the person to work for the joint employer–that is a broad test that encompasses more than traditional common law employment.  Here, the franchisee’s employees worked, in part, on the portion of the station devoted to fueling cars, and Equilon obtained the revenue from the fueling operations directly, including accessing the franchisees’ bank accounts to assure payment.  Also, franchisees had to conform to Equilon’s detailed manual on gas station operations.  Finally, there was evidence that an Equilon trainer claimed he could have the franchisees fired.