Under CCP 361, if the claim arose in a foreign state and is barred by that state’s statute of limitations, it is barred in California unless the plaintiff has been a citizen of California continuously from the accrual of the claim to the present and held the cause of action the whole time.  Here, Louisiana citizens sued for injuries sustained in Louisiana as a result of the misrepresentations and nondisclosures of a director of a crew filming an episode of a TV cop show in Louisiana.  Their claims arose in Louisiana even though they sued CBS for actions it took in California which they claimed ratified the torts the film director committed in Louisiana.  Ratification is not, in itself, a wrongful act.  Nor did it cause plaintiffs any harm.  Ratification simply might make CBS vicariously liable.  Since plaintiffs’ claims arose in Louisiana, its one-year statute of limitations applied and barred plaintiffs’ claims.  Also, plaintiffs could not circumvent that limitations bar by pleading an unjust enrichment claim.  They had adequate legal remedies, they just didn’t pursue them in time.