There is no right to a jury trial in a PAGA suit.  In such a suit a private plaintiff brings on the state’s behalf a claim that otherwise would be handled by an administrative agency subject to trial court review, both without jury.  It would be anomalous to grant the private plaintiff greater rights than the administrative agency in whose place he sues.  Also, the civil penalties recoverable in a PAGA suit are subject to discretion ordinarily exercised by a judge, not a jury.  And the penalties can be recovered for a wide variety of statutory violations for which there was no common law equivalent.  On the merits, the decision affirms the trial court’s ruling that the grocery clerk plaintiffs were expected to be engaged in other activities when there were no customers to check out and that the other duties could not reasonably be performed while the clerk was seated.  For that reason, defendant was not required by section 14 of the applicable IWC Work Order to provide seating for its clerks.