This decision affirms a summary judgment in favor of defendant police officers and their employer, the city, against plaintiff’s complaint based on injuries she suffered while escaping from a car used by bank robbers, holding plaintiff and other hostages, to escape from the scene of the robbery.  Police must use act reasonably in all the circumstances in employing deadly force.  Here, the use of deadly force in shooting at the escape car was reasonable as the bank robbers had and threatened hostages and were also shooting an AK-47 at the pursuing police officers.  Even if general police policy was not to employ deadly force and even if one police officer had banned the use of force in this particular incident, it did not show that the police officcers’ response to the situation they confronted was unreasonable.  Since those police officers were not liable, neither was their employer, the City.  Even if other police officers erred in initially responding to the robbery, their responses did not constitute torts that injured plaintiff nor could she use their alleged wrongdoing to make tortious the reasonable use of deadly force by the police officers conducting the chase.