When Judd, an actress, refused Harvey Weinstein’s sexual advances, he bad-mouthed her to the producers of Lord of the Rings, and as a result, she was not hired for that blockbuster film.  Judd stated a viable claim against Weinstein for sexual harassment in violation of Civ. Code 51.9.  The section applies when the parties have one of several relationships specified in the statute or a relationship that is substantially similar to those listed in the statute.  This decision holds that a relationship is “substantially similar” if it is one in which there is an inherent power imbalance that gives the harasser an ability to exert coercive power or leverage over the victim.  At the time he harassed Judd, Weinstein was a powerful Hollywood producer who exercised sufficient coercive power over aspiring actresses like Judd to fit well witihin the requirements for liability under Civ. Code 51.9.  That section does not apply to employment relationships, but when Weinstein harassed Judd she was not employed or looking for specific employment with Weinstein.