When a partner dissociates himself from a partnership, the partnership is required buy out the interest of the dissociating partner.  Corp. Code 16701(i) provides that the trial court may, in its discretion, award attorney’s and expert’s fees to the prevailing party and against a party that the court finds acted arbitrarily, vexatiously, or not in good faith.  This decision holds that the statute allows a fee and cost award if the losing party is found to have acted objectivelyy or subjectively unreasonably in pursuing the action.  But even if the facts show objective or subjective unreasonableness, the trial court still retains discretion to deny a fee or cost award to the prevailing party.  Here, the trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying an award of fees and costs.  Despite ultimately losing, the plaintiff survived summary judgment, showing the issue was one of fact and which witnesses were believed